Native Vitality Family of Products


Liposomal Maca (20x More Bio-Available)

Our 100% Natural Liposomal Maca is consciously grown, harvested and handled. It comes from family-farms located high in the Andes Mountains of Peru who have cultivated this Incan Superfood over the last century. We work only with farmers who own and manage their lands at a local level and who are committed to organic farming and to producing the highest quality maca root available anywhere in the world!

+ Increases Energy
+ Hormone Balance
+ Increases Athletic Stamina & Endurance
+ Improves Focus
+ Creates Higher Libido



Native Vitality - Revitalizing Healing Clay

Our 100% Natural Revitalizing Healing Clay is harvested from deep within the earth. It comes from private lands that are family-owned and operated in the Big Horn Basin region of Wyoming. This region is regarded to have the highest quality and most powerful Healing Clay in the World.

+ Facial Masks For Soft & Clear Skin
+ Fights Acne
+ Foot and Body Soaks
+ Body Wraps
+ Minor Wound, Bug Bite and Burn Care

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